How can we serve you?

   We are trying to follow the example of Jesus who came not to be served but to serve.  We sincerely want to meet the spiritual needs of our East Union community and we are certain that Jesus has just what we all need.

   If you have questions about God or His will for your life, please give us an opportunity to help you find those answers in God’s Word.

If you have burdens that you need help bearing, you can be sure that we want to pray for you, encourage you and help you find strength in God and His family.

All Completely Free for our neighbors in east Union Parish.

‘     Prayer

 ‘     DVDs on important Bible subjects

 ‘     CDs of recent sermons

 ‘     Bible pamphlets

 ‘     Family or personal counseling

 ‘     Bible course by mail

 ‘     Bible study –  in your home or ours

Please let us know how we can minister to you or your family in the east Union Parish area through the Contact Form.

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