Children’s Ministry

Vacation Bible School:

Our church auditorium is transformed into a bamboo paradise, a realistic pirate ship, a bayou or some other enchanting setting that draws the children into the spirit of the theme.  Our classrooms become a scene right from the Bible with Jonah, Elijah or some other amazing Bible character.  The songbooks stay in the racks, the kids are up moving, singing, smiling and enjoying praise to God (at the same time they thrill the hearts of parents and grandparents).  Puppets come to life and join the singing and the teaching to reach the hearts of children.  Outside games reinforce every Bible lesson in an exciting, fun way. You just have to be there, see it, hear them, and feel the excitement!  Children who thought they didn’t want to go the first night, can’t be kept away after just one night.  Classes extend to teens and adults as well.

Sunday Night Alive:

A special one night Vacation Bible School like experience designed especially for children and held several Sunday nights during the year from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Hands On Bible Study:

Every Sunday morning for every age, children and teens are given the opportunity to learn and experience biblical truths that will affect their thinking and their faith for the rest of their lives.

Teaching During the Preaching:

The younger children worship with us and then while teens and adults receive God’s Word in preaching, the children (2 yrs. – 8 yrs.) have their own time of learning through Bible stories and crafts.

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