International Missions

Spanish Missions is a special mission effort in which the Haile church of Christ has played a key role since its beginning in 1982 as both financial and spiritual supporters as well as promoters and volunteer workers.  This effort reaches literally hundreds of thousands of people in every Spanish speaking country in the world.  Included are the following:

Bible Courses for Christian Workers is a distance learning program for Hispanic ministers, evangelists and Bible teachers.  Approximately 1200 preachers and teachers are currently being equipped to serve in every Spanish speaking country.  In addition thousands more are studying the same courses online.  These servants of God are then teaching hundreds of thousands throughout Latin America.  The website for these courses is the #1 Google search result in all the world for “cursos bíblicos” (“Bible courses” in Spanish). ( is the translation) is an online evangelistic outreach through Bible courses, daily audio Bible studies and other Bible study resources that is reaching people all over the Spanish speaking world.  Approximately 10 million studies will be received this year (2011) by tens of thousands of people from a large variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds who are hungry for a knowledge of the Word of God.  In addition to individual conversions, a number of churches have begun as the direct result of this online ministry.

Bible Questions ( offers hundreds of Bible questions and answers online to thousands of visitors each month.  Visitors also have the opportunity to submit questions they would like answered.  This website is the #1 Google search result worldwide for “preguntas biblicas” (“Bible questions” in Spanish).

Radio messages for both traditional radio stations and web radio efforts as well as other digital means such as Facebook are reaching thousands of people with the message of God’s Word.

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